Active Ingredient:
 Product Category:
   Foliar Insecticide
 Mode of Action:
   Cotton, Rice
 Year of Registration In India:
 Disease Spectrum/ Weed Spectrum (for Herbicides):
   Sucking Pest - Jassids, Whitefly, Thrips, Aphids, BPH & Other Soil Pests
 Cropwise Dosages:
   Sucking pest:40 - 50gm/Ha.
Formulation Categories
   WG - Wettable Granules
 Product Features and Benefits:
   Excellent Systemic,Cost effective,Very Low dose technology,Very low quantity of Solvents due to which Admire is Safe to environnment & applicator
   Specific antidote is not known, treat symptomatically
   Poisonous, Handle with care, Do not touch or inhale the contents. While handling the contents use rubber gloves and face mask
.. It is compatible with generally used fungicides, insecticides and urea
 Toxicity Indication:
   Highly Toxic
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