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BioScience, is a part of Bayer CropScience, and is a global player in research, development and marketing of high quality seeds and innovative plant-based solutions derived from modern breeding and plant biotechnology. In synergy with Bayer CropScience, BioScience offers an integrated portfolio of high quality seeds, trait technologies and high performance crop protection products.

Globally, BioScience activities are focused on three areas: Vegetable Seeds, Agricultural Seeds and Research activities into novel plant-based solutions for agriculture, nutrition, health and biomaterials.


Bayer BioScience in India
Bayer BioScience Pvt. Limited is a forerunner in the arena of seed business in India. Located in Hyderabad, Bayer BioScience is engaged in research, development, production and marketing of high quality hybrid seeds for field crops.

To cater for the specific needs of farmers, Bayer BioScience hybrid seeds offer a wide product range covering Hybrid Rice, Cotton, Pearl Millet, Corn, Grain Sorghum as well as Open Pollinated (OP) research varieties of Mustard.

With a capacity to process and package more than 200 metric tons of high - quality seed per day, Bayer BioScience is one of the top players in the country with four state-of-the-art seed processing plants. The Company draws its cutting-edge R&D from its competence centres in Gent (Belgium) and Potsdam (Germany).

Driven by innovation, Bayer BioScience today, has diverse and strong intellectual properties and research programmes involving a host of crops and applications in offering the best global packages for growers and farmers.

Mission Statement
Providing sustainable, high value plant-based solutions for agriculture, nutrition, health and biomaterials.

We have an internally renowned IP portfolio, and a rich and varied pipeline of products for the agricultural marketplace as well as the nutrition, health and biomaterials markets.
In our Agricultural Crops Business, we are investigating the next generation of agronomic traits, including stress tolerance and drought resistance, among others.

Our longer term trait research programmes are exploring health and nutrition-related innovations, including novel carbohydrates, healthier oils etc., as well as novel renewable resources of industrial and other uses.

Major Sites
Bayer BioScience, headquartered in Hyderabad India has about 400 employees, and has research, production and an extensive sales network spread across the country.

Our international reach and cultural diversity are key to our success as a leading global player, giving us an understanding both of local needs and the global picture. Bayer BioScience has a customer oriented organization, with decision making as close to the market as possible.

Seed Production, Conditioning and Distribution
Bayer BioScience has established seed production centers in four states – Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Haryana and plans to develop production centers in other states as well. The Company has four seed conditioning plants (one at Toopran, two at Medchal and another at Tolichowki) in Hyderabad. The Company warehouses are located throughout the country, including a central warehouse at Toopran with 10,000 mt capacity. Bayer BioScience has a well-established network of distributors across the country that enables timely reach of seeds to farmers in remote areas.

Quality Assurance
Bayer BioScience ensures that only the highest quality seed reaches the farmers. Quality is assured by testing the seeds for germination, seed moisture, physical and genetic purity. Extensive tests are carried out in laboratory and grow–outs to ensure high quality standards.

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