Fenoxaprop p ethyl  9%
 Active Ingredient:
   Fenoxaprop p ethyl 9%
 Product Category:
   Selective Grass herbicide
 Mode of Action:
   Inhibits the Synthesis of fatty acids in Merstematic tissues
   Soybean , Rice
 Year of Registration In India:
 Disease Spectrum/ Weed Spectrum (for Herbicides):
   Ecinocloa crusgalli, E colonum,Digitaria sp, Elusine indica, Brachiria sp, Setaria sp
 Cropwise Dosages:
   300- 450 ml / acre
 Formulation Categories:
   EC - Emulsifiable Concentrate
 Product Features and Benefits:
   •Selective control of wide spectrum of grasses
   •Wide application window
   Symptomatic & supportive treatment after decontamination of exposed parts of body
   Normal precautions while handling Crop Protection chemicals
   Recommended to be mixed with broad leaf herbicides kloben in Soybean and Sunrice in rice
 Toxicity Indication:
   Moderately Toxic
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