a Active Ingredient:
a Product Category:
   Foliar Insecticide ; Granular 
a Mode of Action:
   Contact & ingestion & systemic insecticide
a Crops:
   Rice,Sugarcane,Cole crops,Chilli
a Year of Registration In India:
a Disease Spectrum/ Weed Spectrum (for Herbicides):
   Rice StemBorer, Diamondback Moth of cole crops, Early Shoot Borer of sugarcane, Thrips in Chilli 
a Formulation Categories:
   SC &  GR.
a Cropwise Dosages:
   SC : 0.625 -.75 l/ha ; GR : 12.5 - 25kg/ha
a Product Features and Benefits:
   Contact, ingestion & systemic action; longer persistence; excellent PGE effect.
a Antidote:
   Treat symptomatically as there is no specific known antidote
a Precautions:
   Handle with care, Poisonous, Do not touch or Inhale the contents
a Toxicity Indication:
   Highly Toxic
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