a Active Ingredient:
a Product Category:
   Foliar Insecticide
a Mode of Action:
   Contact and stomach  insecticide with translaminar action; Acetylcholine esterase inhibitor
a Crops:
   Rice, Soybean, Cotton, Brinjal
a Year of Registration In India:
a Disease Spectrum/ Weed Spectrum (for Herbicides):
   Argillacea, Anticarsia spp., Spodoptera spp.
   Rice Leaf Folders and Stem Borers, Mites, Thrips and White Flies
a Formulation Categories:
   EC - Emulsifiable Concentrate
a Cropwise Dosages:
   0.75 -1.25 lt/ha
a Product Features and Benefits:
   Contact & translaminar insecticide, broadspectrum larvicidal, adulticidal & acaricidal control, Ideal tank mix partner of SPs, carbamates
a Antidote:
   a) Specific therapy: Immediately inject 2 mg Atropine sulphate i. v. Repeat if necessary at 15 minutes interval until pulse is accelerated, mouth and ...skin become dry, and pupils dilate
...b) Only after administration of Atropine sulphate: 1-2 g of PAM to be dissolved in 10 cc of distilled water and injected intravenously very slowly taking ...10-15 minutes
a Precautions:
   During spraying / handling: Avoid drinking, eating or smoking during spraying. Avoid contact of the concentrate with eyes or skin. After each spraying, ...wash hands and exposed parts of the body thoroughly with soap and water. Do not spray in open bolls
a Compatibility:
   Hostathion 40 EC is compatible with most of the insecticides in common use. Mixing with highly alkaline materials should be avoided
a Toxicity Indication:
   Highly Toxic
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