Active Ingredient:
 Product Category:
   Foliar Fungicide
 Mode of Action:
   Contact Action
 Year of Registration In India:
 Disease Spectrum/ Weed Spectrum (for Herbicides):
   Rhizoctonia spp.(Paddy)
 Cropwise Dosages:
 Formulation Categories:
   25 SC
 Product Features and Benefits:
   •Recommended as a preventive application for Sheath Blight control - mostly targeting first round of application
   •Reliable & Excellent Results
   •Minimizes loss due to rain
   •No fear of ill-effect on crop
   •IPM friendly
   •Alternate Reliable Solution in resistance management programme
   No Specific Antidote is known
   Poisonous, handle with care. Do not touch or inhale the contents. While handling the contents, use rubber gloves and face masks. Never re-use    empty container, destroy it safely. In case of accident, call physician immediately. Store away from animal feed. Store in a cool, dry, well-built, well    ventilated place, having sufficient dimensions
   In Progress
 Toxicity Indication:
   Slightly Toxic
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