Solfac 10 WP

Active Ingredient
Cyfluthrin 10%

Chemical Group
Synthetic Pyrethroid

Mode of Action
Contact neurotoxin that affects sodium balance inside the nerve cell inducing paralysis and death

Recommended Uses
Solfac WP 10 is recommended for the control of public health pests like houseflies, cockroaches and mosquitoes. Widely used in malaria control programmes as indoor residual spray against control of malaria vectors.

5 and 20 kg drums

Quick results due to knock down action
Active ingredient in WP formulation has a good sticking property hence it adheres to  the treated surfaces for a longer period of time
Powerful flushing properties with broad spectrum of activity
Long lasting residual effect even on alkaline surfaces
Lack of odour, negligible irritancy and virtually invisible spray residues



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